Big Horses

“Party on Garth


GARTH is a sorrel quarter-horse who stands 15’3″. He is multi-talented! He has jumped hunter courses, exhibited in Extreme Cowboy competitions, and is wonderful for trail rides and hacking around the Ranch. 

Jodie has loved Garth since he was 3 years old. He quickly learned a repertoire of tricks including funny face, bow, paw, shake, kiss, smile and “say hello.” He is also loved by Erica Lightfoot who has leased him since 2006!

DOB 1/30/99

“Stitch of Indian Art


STITCH is a stunning black and white American Warmblood pinto (his grandfather was Art Deco). He is such a sweet boy, so willing and a beautiful mover. Unfortunately, he has a suspensory ligament branch injury so he is retired from riding. He still touches our hearts and SOULs with his kind and gentle personality. 

Stitch has quite a repertoire of tricks as well and he is always willing to share them for a peppermint. Thank you Sarah Yakle for this handsome guy!

DOB 3/26/06