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Our mission is to enrich lives by promoting the unconditional love and healing of the human-animal bond while advocating for animal therapy standards of excellence.


Our registered therapy animals visit and share their unconditional love with those in need, at hospitals, nursing homes and retirement communities, schools, libraries, veteran facilities, homes for the disabled, and more. Our visits are made possible through the selfless passion of our all-volunteer organization and the generosity of donors who support the sharing of our animals’ unconditional love and healing.

There are many ways to support SOUL Harbour Ranch… donate, volunteer,  sponsor an event, or purchase a needed supply from our wish list. Your help ensures that our special therapy animal heroes share their unconditional love where it is needed most!



The SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program is proud to be the Barrington area’s most experienced and comprehensive animal therapy program. Our premier program features Pet Partners-registered AACR Animal-Assisted Crisis Response teams.

Our Pet Partners-credentialed AACR teams are trained to provide emotional comfort and support to people affected by the impacts of crisis events. Our teams are invited to deploy in response to events in our community. In case of need, please contact us, at which time we will work with Pet Partners to arrange deployment of our teams.

We are grateful to the Barrington Area Community Foundation for recognizing our program as the 2020 “Best Use of Volunteers” grant award winner, which allows our registered handlers to pursue this additional training and credentialing.



NEW IN 2021! We are excited to announce that we have TWO new children’s book out about our SOUL herd!  Thank you to our volunteers Vicki Coleman and Lynn Greifer for writing “What About Me,” illustrated by Dan Dziewior. Thank you to Penelope LaRock for writing “Magic Shoes,” illustrated by Catharine Nimon.


“WHAT ABOUT ME” – Every day is a special day at SOUL Harbour Ranch! There are so many people to visit and hugs to receive. On this particular day, it’s a special party that night that sends the SOUL Harbour Ranch herd of mini therapy horses to the Graceful Gallop Mall in search of something special to wear to the party. Each of the horses has an idea about what to buy, but not poor Mystery. Mystery searches the whole mall looking for the one thing that will make her feel special. Just when she thinks she’s found that perfect something, Mystery can’t help wondering if she’s missing something … something even better than anything she could buy at the mall. Join Mystery and the rest of the SOUL Harbour Ranch herd as they discover the true meaning of “special.”

“MAGIC SHOES” – Mystery and Turnabout are miniature therapy horses who visit with many people, including children. When Mystery and Turnabout visit children at the hospital, Mystery is certain it is her magical pink, sparkly shoes that make her visits so special. How else can Mystery explain the unconditional love that is exchanged between herself and the children when they touch her fur, and she nuzzles their faces? Join Mystery and Turnabout as they visit children at the hospital, and Mystery discovers true magic.


What an incredible new beginning for our SOUL team: our SOUL BARN!
Feeling SO grateful for our SOUL family, our supporters, our amazing therapy animals and a dream come true.

See More Pictures of our SOUL Barn


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The SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program does not discriminate in its recipients of services on the basis of a person’s race, political orientation, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ethnicity, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, or mental or physical disability or any other status prohibited by applicable law.